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Women's Studies Resource Centre []
The WSRC is a library, information and resource centre specialising in resources about women for the education sector R-12, tertiary students and staff and the community
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We currently have approximately 18,000 items including books, videos, dvds, posters, journals and periodicals, the topics below mention some of our interests and resources, contact us for more information.

_Donations Anyone?_
All our resources are donations - do you have any you can give?
We always in need of donations of feminist resources: books, DVDs, videos, posters, journals…

Other Information and Reference Services on Women's Issues

WIS - Women's Information Service []
Information, referral and support service for all women in South Australia


Aboriginal Women




_Women and Asylums



Beauty Pageants

Body Image

Breast Health


Calendar of Women's Events


Convict Women

Child Brides

Cyberfeminism & The Internet


DECS Resource Services

_Women in the Defence Force_

Democratic Republic of Congo_

_Women with Disabilities_

_Feminism and Disneyland

__Domestic Violence, Rape and Sexual Assault__



_Women and Economics_


_Enterprise Bargaining & Women

_Equal Opportunity_




__Female Genital Mutilation__

Includes blogs, magazines and organisations

_Anarchist feminism_

_Radical Feminism_

_Third Wave Feminism_

_Feminist Organisations
Includes: Guerilla Girls


_Film and Cinematography

_Women and Finances_



__Forced Marriage__


Feminist __Games__

_Global Issues_
Includes: Afghanistan, China, Iraq, Mexico, Sudan, Nigeria

_Grants for women_


Includes: HIV and mental health issues

Australian Women in __History__

__Honour Killings__


_Women, Housing and Homelessness_


Woman and Islam_


WSRC Journals

Open Access Journals


_Lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex or questioning?_

_Lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex or questioning? - and 'coming out'_

__Lesbian and Gay Parents & Parenting__

_Lesbian discrimination, stereotypes and Homophobia_

Women's __Libraries__


Mail order brides


_Same-sex Marriage_

The __Media__

Sarah Haskins - Target Women
- humourous accounts of how the media treats women

Men, masculinity and profeminist men

_Menstruation or periods_

_Migrant Women_



_Women's Organisations - Australian_

_Women's Organisations International_ Includes RAWA


Women in Australian __Politics__


_Popular Culture and Feminism_






_Religion and Women_
Includes: Islam

__Reproductive Health__
Includes: contraception, pregnancy and abortion

_Romantic Fiction_


_Women in Science_

_Services for Women_

_Sexual Health_

_Significant Women_

_Single Mothers/Single Parents_

_Single Sex Education_

_Single Women_

Women in __Sport__


_Study Skills_
Includes: How to write an essay or a report; How to reference; Study Skills and Mind Mapping; and Learning English websites for those with English as a second language.

_Work Skills_

_Suffrage - or the right to vote


_Women's Theatre_


Padaung Women who wear neck rings


_Unions and Women_


Women and __War__

Women __work and family__
Includes: Paid and unpaid work and family responsibilities, paid maternity leave and discrimination on the basis of pregnancy at work.

Mums - Work life Balance__

_Women writers_

WIS - Women's Information Service []
Information, referral and support service for all women in South Australia
91-97 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: 8303 0590 (also TTY) 1800 188 158 (rural toll free line)
Fax: 8303 0576 sms: 0401 989 860 email:||ofni
Open: Monday - Friday 8:30am-5:30pm

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Women's Studies Support Materials

_Women's Studies Resource Centre_



Library Student Links



_Open Source Software_

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