Australian Association of Gerontology


National Aged Care Advocacy Line (1800 700 600)
Aged Care Complaints Investigation Scheme (1800 550 552)
Alzheimer's Australia Hotline (1800 100 500)


Outskirts Online Journal - Feminisms along the edge - The University of Western Australia
Beauty Practices and the Ageing Female Body - Ann Brown

WSRC resources include:

The Coming of Age - Simone de Beauvoir
The Change: women ageing and the menopause - Germaine Greer
Coming of Age - Anne Deveson 1994
A certain age: women growing older - Poole, Feldman 1999
Look me in the eye: old women, ageing and ageism - Barbara MacDonald, Cynthia Rich 1984
Full voice: body image and ageing - Body Shop 1997

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