Artcyclopedia - lists of women artists

+WSRC Collection Includes
16011 Great women artists
Publishing: London: Aurum Press, 1991

17083 Contemporary australian women artists
Publishing: NSW: Craftsman House, 1993

10225 Janet cumbrae stewart (1883 - 1960): an Australian lesbian artist

14137 The unseen art scene: 32 australian women artists
Author: AMBRUS, Caroline
Publishing: Woden, ACT.:Irrepressible Press, 1995

6436 The remarkable lives of 100 women artists
Author: BAILEY, Brooke
Publishing: Massechusetts: Bob Adams Inc, 1994

3212 Some forgotten, some remembered: women artists of south australia
Author: BIVEN, Rachel
Publishing: Norwood, S.A: Sydenham Gallery, 1976

3148 Australian women artists, 1840-1940
Author: BURKE, Janine, 1952-
Publishing: Collingwood, Vic: Greenhouse Publication

3242 Lesbian art and artists
Author: CARR, Cynthia
Publishing: New York, N.Y: Heresies Collective, c197

14823 Through the flower: my struggle as a woman artist
Author: CHICAGO, Judy, 1939-
Publishing: New York: Anchor Books, 1977

13888 Asian women artists
Author: DYSART, Diana; FINK, Hannah eds.
Publishing: NSW: Craftsman House, 1996

10503 Emily carr: the story of an artist
Author: ENDICOTT, Marion
Publishing: Toronto: Women's educational press, 1981

4889 History of women artists for children
Author: EPSTEIN, Vivian Sheldon
Publishing: Denver Colorado: VSE Publisher, 1989

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