WSRC resources include:

Lord, M. 1995 Forever Barbie: the unauthorized biography of a real doll
This resource has an interview with the author here:

Urla J. Swedlund A. ‘The anthropometry of barbie: unsettling ideas of the feminine body in popular culture’ in Schiebinger, L. 2000, Feminism and the body, New York: Oxford University
This resource is also available as a chapter within this pdf:

**Ducille, Anne ‘Black Barbie and the deep play of difference’ in Shiach, Morag 1999 Feminism and cultural studies, Oxford University Press, p.106- **

Wolf, Naomi 1991 The beauty myth: how images of beauty are used against women

Online Resources Include
The Politics of Being Barbie - Wendy Varney - ABC

Blonde ambition - Rosemary Neill - The Australian

Barbie: Target Women Sarah Haskins - a humourous account of Barbie []

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Barbie: The Icon, the Image, the Ideal an Analytical Interpretation of the Barbie Doll in Popular Culture (Paperback)

Toffoletti 2007 Cyborgs and Barbie dolls: feminism, popular culture and the posthuman body London, England

Wanless, Mary Dorsey. (2001). Barbie’s Body Images. Feminist Media Studies, Volume 1, Number 1, March, pp. 125-127.

Driscoll, C. (2005). "Girl-Doll: Barbie as Puberty Manual". In Mitchell, C. and Reid-Walsh, J. (eds.) Seven Going On Seventeen. Peter Lang.

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