Cyberfeminism & The Internet

Virtual Violence - Cameron Boyd
- Discusses video game violence, virtual environments, responding to online sexualised violence and harrassment, and online offenders

Virtual Harm and attachment - Jessica Wolfendale
- Discusses avatar attachment, and online victimisation

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- this particular comic strip illustrates some of the challenges for women on the internet
please note: comic contains occasional coarse language and adult themes

Internet Safety

Australian Communications and Media Authority
[] or Phone: 1300 669 024
- For advice and complaints about online safety

Materials for library cybersafety []

General Cybersafe materials
NetAlert [] advice on online safety
Cybersmart kids []
Bullying no way []
National Internet Safety Helpline 1800 880 176

Advice on online security issues
The Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy []

Internet Industry Association Security Portal
Phone: 02 6232 6900 Email:ua.ten.aii|ofni#ua.ten.aii|ofni


Reporting illegal sites []

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's Scamwatch
[] phone: 1300 302 502
- to report online fraud/scam or for victims of online frauds/scams

Police (crimestoppers) 1800 333 000

AFP High Tech Crime Operations
- report electronic crime

Online Child sex exploitation scheme
Phone: 02 6275 7528 Email:ua.vog.pfa|cmo-TESCO-lanoitan#ua.vog.pfa|cmo-TESCO-lanoitan
- report suspected online child abuse or exploitation

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