Domestic Violence, Rape and Sexual Assault

Academic Information on Issues

Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse

Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault (ACSSA)
Australian Institute of Family Studies
Level 20, 485 La Trobe Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia
Tel (03) 9214 7888 Fax: (03) 9214 7839

Australian Institute of Criminology

CASA HOUSE (Centre Against Sexual Assault)
Ph: +61 (03) 9347.3066
Fax: +61 (03) 9347.1505


Time for Action: The National Council’s Plan for Australia to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children, 2009-2021

Economic cost of violence against women and their children March 2009


Domestic Violence Laws in Australia June 2009

Indigenous domestic violence / family violence web resource

Kurongkurl Katitjin, Centre for Indigenous Australian Education and Research, Edith Cowan University

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

Journal Articles and Research Papers

Mulroney J (2003) Australian statistics on domestic violence
Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse, University of New South Wales

'New responses to domestic violence' Calder, Rosemary (2001)

Disabled victims
A framework for influencing change: Responding to violence against women with disabilities 2007-2009. Victorian Women with Disabilities Network Advocacy Information Service.

NPC abuse - Non physical contact abuse
McKinnon, L. 2008 Hurting Without Hitting: non-physical contact forms of abuse

Other articles:
Working it out: Domestic violence issues and the workplace 2008 Australian Domestic & Family Violence Clearinghouse UNSW.

News Articles

SBS Podcast

Personal Information, Services and Advice on Issues

Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria: []

CASA HOUSE (Centre Against Sexual Assault)
Ph: +61 (03) 9347.3066 Fax: +61 (03) 9347.1505

Information for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Assault:
Jacaranda Project

Information for educators in high schools:
Understanding and Teaching About Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse

Information for Young People:
Bursting the Bubble []
Reach Out []

Information for Gay and Lesbians:
Another Closet []

Information for people with a disability:
SADA (Sexual Assault in Disability and Aged Care Action Strategy project)

Information for men:
Male Family Violence Prevention Association []

Available Services:

Crisis/Help lines telephone numbers:

National Helpline for the Violence Against Women.
Australia Says NO campaign phone: 1800 200 526. []

South Australia: Domestic Violence Helpline 1800 800 098

The Domestic Violence Crisis Service 1300 782 200

Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual assault Service 1800 817 421 (free call)
8226 8777 or after hours emergency line 8226 8787

Relationships Australia 1300 364 277

Second Storey Youth Health 8326 8777 TTY 1800 817 421

Mensline Australia 1300 789 978

Organisations raising awareness of issues and lobbying for change

CALD - Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Women's Domestic Violence Action Group
(NESBDVAG Inc. SA) Non English Speaking Background Domestic Violence Action Group
[] email: ua.moc.ofnivdbsen|ofni#ua.moc.ofnivdbsen|ofni
Contact: Desi: 0411 187 478 Monica: 8444 0700 Ornella: 8239 9600 Isis: 8365 5033
PO Box 369 MARDEN SA 5070

Lesbian Domestic Violence Action Group (Inc.) 8384 9555
PO Box 437, Noarlunga Centre, 5168

International Days and Campaigns

White Ribbon Day November 25th []

My oath[]
"My Oath - The White Ribbon Campaign aims to end violence against women by encouraging men and boys to take positive action to create change."

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