Enterprise Bargaining & Women

Women and Enterprise Bargaining

Women’s pay and conditions in an era of changing workplace regulations:
Towards a “Women’s Employment Status Key Indicators” (WESKI) database

Prepared by Alison Preston, Therese Jefferson, Richard Seymour
WiSER - Women in Social & Economic Research Curtin University of Technology

Stretching Flexibility (1996) - Australian Human Rights Commission
Enterprise Bargaining, Women Workers and Changes to Working Hours
- "examines the impact on women workers of demands to work increasingly flexible hours."

Senate Employment, Workplace Relations, Small Business and Education Committee Inquiry
HREOC Submission to the Inquiry regarding the Workplace Relations Legislation Amendment (More Jobs, Better Pay) Bill 1999
- "indicates poor outcomes for some women under decentralised bargaining. A trend depicting an enterprise bargaining gender pay gap has started to emerge"

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