Feminism - Third Wave

Third Wave Feminism

Reading list from the article: ‘Writings of the Third Wave: Young Feminists in Conversation’, by Jennifer Gilley in Reference and User Services Quarterly, vol 44. No 3, 2005.

WSRC Resources Include:
Faludi, Susan 1991, Backlash: The undeclared war against American Women, Doubleday, New York.

Edut, Ophira & Walker, Rebecca 1998, Adios Barbie: young women write about body image and identity, Seal Press, Washington.

Findlen, Barbara, ed. 1995, Listen up: Voices from the Next Feminist Generation, Seal Press, Seattle. (out of print)

Karp, Marcelle & Stoller, eds. 1999, The Bust Guide to New Girl Order, Penguin, New York.

Morgan, Joan 1999, When Chickenheads come home to roost: A hip-hop feminist breaks it down, Simon & Schuster, New York.

Mitchell, Allyson; Bryn Rundle, Lisa 7 Karaian, Lara, eds. 2001, Turbo Chicks: Talking Young Feminisms, Sumach Press, Toronto.

Bust: The Magazine for Women with Something to Get off their Chests (Bimonthly)
(ISSN 10894713)
Bitch: Feminist response to Pop Culture (3 times a year) (ISSN 15245314)

Journal articles
Piano, Doreen 2002, ‘Congregating Women: reading 3rd wave feminist practices in subcultural production’, Rhizomes, no 4, full text accessible online:

Other Resources we would like to have:
Searching Libraries Australia with the ISBN/ISSN provided may turn them up in a library in Adelaide. http://www.librariesaustralia.nla.gov.au

Baumgarrdner, Jennifer & Richards, Amy 2000, Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism and the Future, Farrar, Straus & Giroux. (ISBN 0374526222)

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(ISBN 0940642247)

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Zack, Naomi 2005, Inclusive Feminism: a third wave theory of women’s commonality, Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, Md. (ISBN 074254298X)

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