South Australian Feminists

Margaret Allen [http://www.adelaide.edu.au/directory/margaret.allen]
(Professor Margaret Allen - Gender work and social inquiry at the University of Adelaide)
Expertise includes: Women (especially Australian women's history); 19th century Australian women writers; women and work

Barbara Baird [http://www.flinders.edu.au/directory/main-display-staff-info.cfm?ouid=1988&telsumm_id=9428]
(Associate Professor Barbara Baird Women's Studies at Flinders University)

Chilla Bulbeck [http://www.adelaide.edu.au/directory/chilla.bulbeck]
(Professor Chilla Bulbeck - Gender Work and Social Inquiry at the University of Adelaide
- has since retired from this position)
Expertise: Women's studies; gender studies; Feminism (Western feminism and western feminist issues in a cross-cultural perspective, generational debate in feminism and the women's movement; feminist agenda of funding NGOs/projects; young Australians' attitudes to gender and social issues, work and family

Mary Heath [http://ehlt.flinders.edu.au/law/staff/mary_heath.php]
(Associate Professor - School of Law Flinders University)
Expertise: rape and sexual assault law reform, wellbeing of bisexual and lesbian women.

Carol Johnson [http://www.adelaide.edu.au/directory/carol.johnson]
(Professor Carol Johnson - Politics, government and history)
Expertise includes: Women and politics, gay and lesbian issues at state and federal levels.

Susan Magarey [http://www.adelaide.edu.au/directory/susan.magarey]
(Professor - University of Adelaide)
Expertise: feminism (history of women's movements, women's suffrage in Australia, women's liberation, equal rights)

Margie Ripper [http://www.adelaide.edu.au/directory/margie.ripper]
(Dr Margie Ripper - Gender Work and Social Inquiry at Adelaide University)
Expertise: Abortion; abortion law and practices; domestic violence; menopause; women's health; contraception; menstrual cycle; menstruation; lesbian conception; lesbian parenting; same sex parenting (law and practice);

Marilyn Rolls WSRC Board Chairperson she is a professional activist for the women's feminist movement she has been a part of WEL - Women's Electoral Lobby and founding member for the Coalition for the women's right to choose, and founding member for Taryn house for women leaving prison, and was placed on the South Australian Women's role of honour.

Kay Schaffer [http://www.adelaide.edu.au/directory/kay.schaffer]
(Adjunct Professor Gender work and social inquiry at Adelaide University)
Expertise includes:feminism, women, particularly representations of women in the media - film, magazines, TV, television

Susan Sheridan [http://socsci.flinders.edu.au/wmst/staff/sheridan.php]
(Professor Women's Studies at Flinders University - retired 2006)
Expertise: Australian [women's] literature, feminist history and theory and popular print media

Australian Feminists

Anne Summers [http://www.annesummers.com.au/]
Expertise: Addresses key issues facing contemporary Australia [particularly women]
speeches: [http://www.annesummers.com.au/speeches.htm]

List of women involved in Australian Feminist Studies
Ien Ang University of Western Sydney
Alison Bartlett University of Western Australia
Frances Bonner University of Queensland
Helene Bowen Raddeker University of New South Wales
Dorothy Broom Australian National University
Amanda Card University of Sydney
Ann Curthoys Australian National University
Maryanne Dever Monash University
Ros Diprose University of New South Wales
Anni Dugdale University of Canberra
Robyn Ferrell University of Melbourne
Carole Ferrier University of Queensland
Ann Game University of New South Wales

Moira Gatens[http://www.arts.usyd.edu.au/departs/philos/staff/profiles/mgatens.shtml]
Professor Moira Gatens Department of Philosophy at the University of Sydney
Expertise: Social and political philosophy, ethics, 17th century philosophy (especially Spinoza), feminist theory.

Ann Genovese University of Melbourne
Anna Gibbs University of Western Sydney
Fiona Giles University of Sydney

Patricia Grimshaw [http://www.history.unimelb.edu.au/about/staff/grimshaw.html]
(Professor Pat Grimshaw - School of Historical Studies at the University of Melbourne)
Expertise: Women's History and women's and family history

Regina Graycar University of Sydney
Victoria Haskins University of Newcastle
Magaret Henderson University of Queensland
Helen Keane Australian National University

Vicki Kirby [http://womenstudies.arts.unsw.edu.au/staff/staff.php?first=Vicki&last=Kirby]
(Associate Professor Vicki Kirby - Women's & Gender Studies at University of New South Wales)
Expertise: post-structuralism, feminist theory, post-humanism, technology and science studies

Kate Lilley University of Sydney
Martha Macintyre University of Melbourne
Vera Mackie University of Melbourne
JaneMaree Maher Monash University
Aileen Moreton-Robinson Queensland University of Technology
Fiona Paisley Griffith University
Elspeth Probyn University of Sydney
Barbara Sullivan University of Queensland
Clara Tuite University of Melbourne
Catherine Waldby University of Sydney
Elizabeth Wilson University of New South Wales
Terri-ann White University of Western Australia

International Feminists

Annamarie Jagose University of Auckland
Rosemary Pringle Southampton University Britain
Celia Roberts Lancaster University

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