Honour Killings

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About so-called "Crimes of Honor" - articles by Jordanian journalist Rana Husseini, who was featured in the documentary Forbidden Lies.

"Acid test for Indian society" - Guardian article about Campaign and Struggle Against Acid Attacks on Women (CSAAW), an Indian organisation.

Burnt but not forgotten - YouTube link to the documentary by CSAAW about acid attacks against Indian women.

Honoring the killers: justice denied for "honor" crimes in Jordan - Human Rights Watch report (.pdf), 2004.

The other side of silence - New Internationalist article about violence against women, touching on honour killings.

Islamic women's perspective on "honor killings" - article by the Muslim Women's League, an American organisation.

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office's Forced Marriage Unit - UK government website offering information and support to UK nationals regarding forced marriage.

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SBS Dateline: Jailing the innocent Tue, Sep 30 2008
Women who are at risk of honour killings are being imprisoned under the guise of keeping them safe
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Women's Organisations

International Campaign Against Honor Killings [http://stophonourkillings.com/]
ICAHK is an independent and non-government network that aims to raise an international awareness about the issue of violence against women, in particular honour killing.
Includes honour crime world wide map [http://stophonourkillings.com/?name=Content&pid=20] with links to news reports about honour killings in that particular country.

WSRC Resources Include:
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