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Kid's Health - Menstruation - facts and questions

Kid's Health - Menstruation having a period

Teen Health (12-17) - Periods the facts

Teen Health (12-17) - Periods what to do

News Articles Include:

It's in the blood - Kira Cochrane, Friday October 2 2009, The Guardian

Resources we would like to have include:

My Little Red Book by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff
Chris Bobel, New Blood: Third Wave Feminism and the Politics of Menstruation
Giovanna Chesler documentary, Period: The End of Menstruation

WSRC Resources Include:

Chella Quint 2005, Adventures in menstruating: putting the "you" back into uterine lining!

DALTON, Katharina, Once a month London: Fontana, 1991: Fifth Edition

DELANEY, Janice; LUPTON, Mary Jane; TOTH, Emily 1976The curse: a cultural history of menstruation New York: New American Lib, 1977, c1976

GARDNER-LOULAN, JoAnn; LOPEZ, B.; QUACKENBUSH, M. Period: all about menstruation for girls and women Melbourne: McPhee Gribble Publ, 1979

GARDNER-LOULAN, JoAnn; LOPEZ, B.; QUACKENBUSH, M. Period: all about menstruation for girls and women updated for the 90s Melbourne: McPhee Gribble Publ, 1979

GRAY, Miranda Red moon: understanding and using the gifts of the menstrual cycle Longmead: Element books, 1994

OWEN, Lara Her blood is gold: reclaiming the power of menstruation Aquarian Press, London, 1993

OWEN, Lara Honoring menstruation: a time of self-renewal Freedom, Calif.: Crossing Press, c1998

Pope, Alexandra, The wild genie : the healing power of menstruation ; a handbook for…
Bowral: Sally Milner Publishing, 2001

SHUTTLE, Penelope, 1947- ; REDGROVE, Peter The wise wound: eve's curse and everywoman Harmondsworth,UK : Penguin, 1980

SKY, Mem Menstruation: thoughts and feelings for young girls Women's Studies Resource Centre, Adelaide.

THOMSON, Ruth Have you started yet? London: Pan Books, 1980

WEIDEGER, Paula, Menstruation and menopause: the physiology and psychology, the myth… New York: Dell Pub. Co., 1977

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