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Overview: Blogs and wikis
ALIA - Australian Library Information Association - Incite
'Using wikis and blogs to communicate with library clients'

Overview: Range of Social Software tools
Library 2.0 Gillian Wood and Graham Spooner

Quick Tips

For example: Wikidot []
Enables the quick and easy creation and editing of webpages with an unending ability to link pages together.
Control of the editing can be made with solely one person or a group of people with a common password, or open to anyone to edit
For example: Women's Studies Resource Centre reference wiki[]

For example: Wordpress []
Enables quick creation of date inclusive, news-worthy or topical short articles.
Comments can be

Facebook -
Allows ongoing communication
For example:

Open source library management systems

Koha []
"in use in many libraries, museums, organisations world wide." []

Open source software used to create online areas for community collaboration - relational wiki
Kete []
"Write topics and upload images, audio, video, documents, maps and discuss and link them together. It's been called a "relational wiki" and " a mashup between content management and knowledge management."

Another version is "Moodle"

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