Services for Sex Industry Workers in South Australia

SIN - South Australian Sex Industry Network
P. O. Box 7072, Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Email: ua.gro.nis|ofni#ua.gro.nis|ofni Phone: (08)8334 1666 Fax: (08) 8363 1046

SIN Lounge at Darling House, 64 Fullarton road NORWOOD (enter off Gray Street)
Sex worker friendly, drug user friendly, free confidential, transport assistance available

Monday drop-in
- Free Psychology and counselling sessions
(need a referral from a GP to Kathryn Hart C/O Darling House PO Box 907 Kent Town 5071)
- Hep C peer educator
- SIN and SAVIVE peer educators
- Phone, computer access TV and DVD
- Free safe sex and safer injecting equipment and support
- Transport assistance available (subject to availability)
- Training, information and workshops about issues important to you

SAVIVE - SA Voice for IV Education 83341699

The Scarlet Alliance []

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