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General Sites on Women and Religion

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Women Living Under Muslim Laws
"An international network that provides information, solidarity and support for all women whose lives are shaped, conditioned or governed by laws and customs said to derive from Islam."

Prostitution, Pornography and Islamic Law - Kim Andren
Department of Government and International Relations

ABC - Radio National ' Women and Islam'

The following sites are from the Internet portal a German site that looks at the Islamic World.

How do women influence political Islam in Indonesia - Susan Blackburn 2004

Sharia (Islamic Law) and women in Indonesia

Wearing of the headscarfe jilbab (hijab) in Indonesia

Private Choice or Public Obligation? Institutional and Social Regimes of Veiling in Contemporary Indonesia Eve Warburton

WSRC Resources on Women, Islam and Indonesia include:
Blackburn, Susan 'Love, sex and power: women in Southeast Asia' 2001
Sears, Laurie 'Fantasizing the feminine in Indonesia' 1996

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