Reproductive Health

Pregnancy Advisory Centre
- provides information, counselling, abortion and contraception services for women with unplanned pregnancy in South Australia.

Pregnancy Advisory Centre
21 Belmore Tce Woodville Park SA 5011
Phone: (08) 8347 4955 Fax: (08) 8347 4994
SA Country Free Call 1800 672 966

Services provided include:
- Emergency contraception
- Counselling
- Pregnancy testing
- Abortion services
- Contraceptive information and provision
- Sexual health care and information
- Information and referrals to other services

"We promote women's rights to make informed decision and to take power over their own lives."

SHine SA []
Sexual health information networking and education in South Australia;
includes a comprehensive database of their online publications. []
Shine also have a library []
Information and counselling - SHine SA 17 Phillips Street Kensington Ph: 8431 5177

The Second Story Youth Health Service
57 Hyde Street Adelaide Ph: 8232 0233
Information and counselling

Family Planning (NSW) []
Contraceptive Factsheets []

Family Planning and Fertility by Health Insite a Federal Government initiative.[]
Provides links to online articles on a wide range of reproductive issues, including pregnancy, infertility, contraception, abortion and associated health and social issues.

Children by Choice (based in Queensland)


Taking precautions: the story of contraception by Sydney's Powerhouse Museum.
- history of contraception, from ancient herbs to current trends,

**The Pill **[]
- George Negus Tonight (ABC) story looking at the introduction of the Pill in 1961.

The BBC's On This Day looks at the introduction of the Pill in BritainDecember 4, 1961

**The Pill: American Experience **[]
- PBS's comprehensive companion website to their documentary of the same name.
Includes video interviews (click on the pictures), historical information, a [ timeline, and extended information about the [] people and events involved in the genesis of the Pill.

The pill, sex and women's liberation [] - Guardian column/blog entry by Angela Phillips
- arguing that the Pill allowed women economic independence from men.

Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement -Poor Black Women []
- transcript of a 1968 pamphlet, from the Duke University archives. Focuses on issues of race and class, with some discussion of whether the Pill was a tool of oppression or liberation for black women in the US.

Marie Stopes International []
- an international charity organisation dedicated to providing reproductive health choices to people around the world
Dr Marie Stopes opened the UK's first family planning clinic in 1921. The site includes a listing of Media Releases and Media Coverage, as well as information on contraception and sexual health. []


Abortion in Australia Public Health Perspectives
Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA)

WSRC Resources Include:

Pregnancy Advisory Centre Resource Pack : Information related to unplanned/unwanted pregnancy and abortion

Harrison, B. "Our right to choose: toward a new ethic of abortion"

Siedlecky, S. and Wyndham, D. "Populate and perish: Australian Women's fight for birth control"

Cannold, L. "The abortion myth: feminism, morality and the hard choices women make"

Margaret Sanger
Sanger, M. (1879 - 1966) 'Margaret Sanger: an autobiography', 1971 (1931 reprint)

Lader, L 'Margaret Sanger : pioneer of birth control' 1969

Gray, M, 'Margaret Sanger: a biography of the champion of birth control' New York, 1979

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