Single sex education


The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia
- a non-profit organisation
- Aim: "To promote the education of girls in single sex girls’ schools and increase public awareness that single sex schools provide the optimal learning environment for girls"
- Produces 'In Alliance' magazine covering areas of interest related to education and girls available as pdf from the site.


ERIC is an education database (based in America) which offers access to (some) free full text articles.

The following are links to full text articles provided through this database.

2000 K-12 Single-Sex Education: What Does the Research Say? ERIC Digest.
ERIC Development Team

Advantages of Single Sex Education - Teresa Hughes
National Forum of Educational Administration and Supervision Journal Vol 23, No. 2 2006-2007 []

Six Degrees of Separation: What Teachers Need to Know about the Emerging Science of Sex Differences - Leonard Sax
Educational Horizons

Female students of colour in special education: Classroom behaviours and perceptions in single gender and co-educational classrooms

The Intersection with gender race and disability: Latina students in special education 2002

No Difference
Theoretical arguments for and against Single sex schooling 2004

Single Sex Co-educational Schooling in USA (equivocal results)

WSRC Resources Include:

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