Study Skills

Writing essays and reports for TAFE, school and university requires you to write in a particular way. We are often asked the following three questions by students:
How do I write an essay?
How do I write a report? and
How do I reference the books that I've used?

Here are some sites from UniSA that can help you answer these questions.

How to write an essay

How to write a report

Referencing, the Harvard style is the most commonly used

Harvard referencing guide (note the tables on the last few pages of this guide)

UniSA have a learning and teaching unit with a lot of useful information for students, they may help you if you are considering going to university in the future.
- The list of topics provided include many other aspects such as health and wellbeing, time-management and anxiety management guides for students or anyone in the general community.

Study Skills, Hints and Tips and Mind Mapping

Tony Buzan is the inventor of mind mapping and creator of the Buzan Centre []

Study Skills

Some people find Mind-Mapping a useful tool to help them organise their ideas
Mind Mapping

Examples of Mind Mapping from this site:

Bonus Page

Is English your second language?

Learning English Australia Network (ABC).
- This site has several programs in different formats for differing levels and needs in a variety of formats such as television programs, interactive quizzes etc.

Living English[] for beginners
Study English[]for intermediate/advanced learners

Business English[]
for everyday business situations

English Bites []
"an informative and entertaining way to improve your knowledge of the English language."

Nexus []
"…improve your English language skills with our stories about Australian life and culture."

Passport []
"…experience what it is like to sit a formal English language interview for assessment purposes."

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