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If you select resources from that menu you will find an array of conference papers and resources some of which can be downloaded for free.

Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault
If you enter trafficking in women in the search panel you will find large numbers of reports, in particular a paper by Lara Fergus

Zonta (click on trafficking)

Maiti nepal
Internationally recognised non-government organisation based in Kathmandu Nepal which crusades for the prevention of girl trafficking, rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of survivors of trafficking

United Nations pages on trafficking

CEDAW article on trafficking

UNICEF article on Child Trafficking

UNICEF pdf 'South Asia in Action: Preventing and responding to child trafficking' August 2008

WSRC Resources include:

Trafficked (VT) a documentary by Chris Payne looks at trafficking in Melbourne, Australia 2005

Fergus, Lara 'Trafficking in women for sexual exploitation' 2005

Calaguas 'Let our silenced voices be heard: the traffic in Asian women' 1993

Campagna and Poffenberger 'The sexual trafficking in children: an investigation of the child sex trade' 1988

Parel 'Trafficking in women and prostitution in the new Asia' 1996

Matsui 'Women in the new Asia: from pain to power' 1999

Wendy Chapkis, "Trafficking, Migration, and the Law: Protecting Innocents, Punishing Immigrants," Gender and Society 17, no. 6 (December 2003).

Canadian Women Studies, Vol. 22, nos. 3 & 4 (Spring 2003) special edition focusing solely on the exploitation and trafficking in Women and girls.

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