Australian Women in History


The National Foundation of Australian Women (NFAW)
- feminist organisation 'dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of Australian women and ensuring that the aims and ideals of the women’s movement and its collective wisdom are handed on to new generations of women.'

NFAW established
The Australian Women's Archives Project
- a strategy to identify and support preservation of women’s records and make them accessible to researchers'


Australian women (past and present) and women's organisations database
- The biographies are fairly brief, but links to additional information are provided where possible, and the site is a good starting point when searching for the more obscure figures in Australian women's history.

Australian Women’s Register
The searchable-on-line Australian Women’s Register is a valuable and growing source of biographical data about Australian women and their organisations, with hyper-links to the archival repositories and libraries where their records are held and to other sources of information. Women and women’s organisations are listed alphabetically. You’ll also be able to search by functional classification, for example, ‘P’ covers physicists, politicians, pharmacists, pacifists and many more.

Women's History Month Australia - includes calendar of events during Australian Women's History Month (March). Each year, a different theme is highlighted - in 2007, the theme was Indigenous and non-Indigenous Women Working Together. Many of the books on their suggested reading list can be found in our library.

Convict Women

Damousi, Depraved and Disorderly: Female Convicts sexuality and Gender in Colonial Australia

Mary Reiby []

Cascades Female Factory Historic Site []

Paramatta Female Factory []
3 minute video 'Abandon all hope'

7 minute video by Collections Australia on Female Factories

*WSRC Resources Include:*
Damousi, J 1997 Depraved and Disorderly: Female Convicts sexuality and Gender in Colonial Australia

Nineteenth century

National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame - a museum in Alice Springs, NT.

Women of the Destitute Asylum - South Australia


Women and war

South Australian women and war - the State Library of South Australia's page. Includes links to digitised artefacts in the State Library's collection.

Australian Women in War - part of the Australian Women's Archives Project. Includes links to additional resources.

Australian War Memorial - a good source of wide-ranging material relating to women and war. While it mainly features short articles (as well as a collection of images), the sheer number of these makes it worth a visit. Pages include:

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