Women In Australian Politics

Australian Parliamentary Library's Women in Politics - includes current statistics for women in federal, state and overseas parliaments.

Women's Electoral Lobby - a non-party political lobby group founded in 1972 to advocate for and promote women's voices in the Australian political arena. Their website is a good source of current political news and women's issues in Australia. They also have a comprehensive About page, which is useful for students looking for information about the organisation itself.

Women & Politics in South Australia - the State Library of South Australia's look at women in local parliament. Includes articles and links on indigenous women, women's suffrage and Catherine Helen Spence.

Women in Politics in South Australia - the South Australian parliament's look at women's suffrage in South Australia.

Putting Skirts on the Sacred Benches - an Australian Women's Archives Project exhibition recognising the women who have stood for [New South Wales Parliament over the last 87 years.

Victorian Women in Parliament - an historical look at women in Victorian politics, including a table of women in parliament from 1933 to the present.

Australian Politics - this is not a specifically feminist site, but it does host a searchable archive of major political news stories dating back to 1997 (including many stories on women's issues).

Australian Government Office for Women's Women in Politics - a brief article including links.

The major political parties:

Australian Greens' policy on women - outlines the party's principles and goals, as well as the measures being undertaken to secure women's rights.

The Liberal Party of Australia's Future Action Plan for Opportunity and Choice (pdf) - outlines the party's policy on women's issues. See also the Liberal Party of Australia Federal Women's Committee.

The Australian Labor Party's policy on Human Rights and Equal Opportunity for All - this includes the chapters Women: Making Equality Real and A Better Deal for Women from Federal Government. There is also a National Labor Women's Network.

The Australian Democrats' Women's Rights Watch - outlines the party's actions in its commitment to assist women.

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