Women, Work and Family

Australian Human Rights Commission [http://www.humanrights.gov.au/] are a 'Government body overseeing the application of federal legislation in the area of human rights, anti-discrimination, social justice and privacy.'

Their Sex Discrimination division [http://www.humanrights.gov.au/sex_discrimination/index.html]
looks at a 'range of activities to address discrimination, sexual harassment and other barriers to equality'

Projects and resources they have produced include those that examine:

The relationship between family responsibilities and paid work

Includes Housework

Work, life and workplace culture - AWALI - The Australian Work and Life Index 2008
Natalie Skinner and Barbara Pocock
- thanks to Danielle for this link

Having a life: work, family fairness and community in 2000
Barbara Pocock
Centre for Labour Research, Department of Social Inquiry Adelaide University

It’s about time: women, men, work and family report (2007)

In particular Chapter 5: Striking the balance in the family

Striking the Balance: Women, men, work and family (2005) [http://www.humanrights.gov.au/sex_discrimination/publication/strikingbalance/index.html]

Recent News Articles on this topic include:
British study finds Australian men to be worst husbands in world

Housework 'makes British men more attractive'

Note: Articles refer to the same report with slightly different angles

Australian Bureau of Statistics - Trends in Housework Work

Australian Bureau of Statistics - Income Distribution Female/Male earnings

Paid Maternity Leave

A Time to Value - Proposal for a National Paid Maternity Leave Scheme (2002)
- “proposes a national scheme of paid maternity leave"

Valuing Parenthood: Options for paid maternity leave - Interim paper (2002)
- “proposes options for implementing a national paid maternity leave scheme, examines provisions in Australia compared to other countries.”

National Foundation of Women
-Includes timeline on maternity leave milestones in Australia and international comparisons

Australian Parliamentary Library

SBS News Podcast 18 weeks maternity leave under consideration Mon, Sep 29 2008

Pregnancy, work and discrimination

Pregnancy Guidelines (2001)
- "help clarify many of the issues surrounding pregnancy and work."

Pregnant and Productive: It's a right not a privilege to work while pregnant
- "This report details pregnancy discrimination in the workplace and makes recommendations to address these inequities”


How Women can take charge at work
SBS Interview with Lois Frankel author of See Jane Lead

SBS World View program Parent Rescue: Episode 4 Mon, Oct 15 2007

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