The following sites are produced by Child and Youth Health[]
A division of the Children, Youth and Women's Health Service (CYWHS) which promotes the health, well-being and development of children, young people and families across South Australia.

Children (6-12 years)

Kids' Health (6-12 years old)
a site that provides health and wellbeing information for kids.

a site that provides mental health information for kids.
(Developed by the Division of Mental Health, Women's and Children's Hospital, CYWHS)

Young People 12-17 years

Teen Health 12-17 years
a site that provides information for teenagers on health, wellbeing and having fun. Includes issues such as Healthy body, healthy mind, relationships, society and you, drugs and alcohol.

The Second Story (TSS)
is the youth section of Children, Youth and Women's Health Service. TSS is a free, confidential health service for young people aged 12 to 25 years. Offers counselling clinical services and group programs.

This site is produced by the Inspire Foundation.

Reach out
a site that aims to improve young adult’s mental health and well being by building skills and providing information, support and referrals in a format that appeals to young people.
It covers a range of issues including depression, relationships, pregnancy, family issues, eating disorders etc.

Reach out - the game

WSRC Resources Include:

Teach it like it is: a relationship and sexual health curriculum resource for teachers of middle school students (aged 11-15) Developed by Shine SA

Pallotta-Chiarolli M 'Girls' Talk: Young women speak their hearts and minds' Finch Publishing, Sydney 1998

Pallotta-Chiarolli M ; MARTINO, W 'Boys' stuff : boys talking about what matters' Crows Nest, N.S.W.: Allen & Unwin, 2001

MARTINO, W, Pallotta-Chiarolli M 'So what's a boy? : addressing issues of masculinity and schooling' Maidenhead, UK; Open Uni. Press, 2003

Pallotta-Chiarolli M 'When our children come out : how to support gay, lesbian, bisexual and Sydney : Finch Publishing, 2005.


(Disclaimer - The WSRC takes no responsibility for the information provided on these sites)

Children 6-12

Children and the Environment
Millennium Kids Inc from WA Centre for Leadership and Community Development

interactive site with jokes, puzzles and activities

The Idea box
things to make

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